Text equivalent of the Reliable sources material


Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, www.thl.fi/en/web/thlfi-en

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, www.stm.fi/en

Finnish Government, www.valtioneuvosto.fi/en

World Health Organization WHO, www.who.int


Yleisradio, www.yle.fi/news

Helsingin Sanomat, www.hs.fi

Journalists committed to the Council for Mass Media’s guidelines, https://www.jsn.fi/en/Council_for_Mass_Media/cmm-members/

Media education

Finnish Society on Media Education, www.mediakasvatus.fi/english

Mediataitokoulu (Media skills school, in Finnish and Swedish), www.mediataitokoulu.fi

Faktabaari, www.faktabaari.fi/in-english/

The material was produced by the Finnish Society on Media Education as part of the Finland-Somalia Association’s Caawinaad project.

For more information, please visit: www.mediakasvatus.fi and www.suomisomaliaseura.fi.