Infographic: The hand of mental health and media

A prosperous mind is the cornerstone and a resource of a balanced media behaviour, consisting of many different things. The accompanying infographic The hand of mental health and media encourages and helps young people to identify the factors that affect their media behaviour and well-being from the perspective of mental well-being.

The material has been produced in collaboration with MIELI Mental Health Finland. The material is based on the Mielenterveyden käsi infographic.


Use the infographic to help you think about your media behaviour from the perspective of mental well-being over the past week. Make a note of your findings and then look at what you should pay attention to in your daily life.

The infographic is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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Text equivalent of the infographic:

The hand of mental health and media

Think about your media usage and mental health over the past week.

Sleep and rest

Did I sleep well?
Did I resist checking my phone at night?
Was I able to concentrate on things at school or work?
Did I remember to wind down, relax and take breaks during the day?

Hobbies and creativity

Has my screen time been in proportion to my time spent doing other things?
Have I used my smart device for something that feeds my imagination or creativity?

Relationships and emotions

Have I told people that I care about how I feel, either on screen or face to face?
Have I been there for the people who are important to me?
Have I been a part of a group?

Exercise and mindfulness

Have I used smart devices to find ways to exercise that I like?
Have I remembered to be mindful of my body and what it needs?
Do I understand how the media affects my perception of myself and others?

Food and eating habits

When I was eating, did I enjoy the company of others in addition to the food?
Have I been eating regularly?
Have I taken time away from my smart devices to eat in peace?

Digital skills

Do I know how to do life admin tasks online?
Am I willing to learn how to use new digital devices?
Do I know how to take care of online privacy?


Values affect my choices and what I do.
What is important to me?
What kind of balanced media-related choices did I make today?

Material produced by: The Finnish Society on Media Education / Jenni Honkanen och Reetta Haverinen

Graphics: Marjukka Juhantila

Release year: 2021 in Finnish, 2022 in Engliah

Additional information: The infographic is produced as a part of the project Digihyvinvoinnin jäljillä (2020–2021)

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