Media Literacy Observatory for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy


The main objective of the MELIA project was to improve democratic transnational governance by developing transnational media literacy observatory, based on cooperation between different relevant stakeholders. The Finnish Society on Media Education was the a member of the Steering Committee of MELIA Observatory.

The observatory for media literacy provided instruments for scrutinising media contents, training tools and policy recommendations for upgrading media literacy in relation to other civic skills. Moreover, it provided tools, available for pupils, high schools students and their educators. The main target groups was the youth and the people who work with them.

Read more about the MELIA project and the results here.


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Lead partner

  • School of Advanced Social Studies, Slovenia

ERDF partner

  • Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania
  • Edhance Plus o.p.s., Czech Republic
  • Research Centre Regional and Global Development, Bulgaria
  • Algebra University College, Croatia
  • Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hungary
  • Faculty of Media, Slovenia
  • Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic
  • Association for socio-scientific consultancy and research registered association, Germany
  • Association Centre for Public Innovation, Romania
  • Pannon Business Network Association, Hungary
  • Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatia
  • Presscut d.o.o., Croatia

IPA partner

  • University of Montenegro, Montenegro
  • NGO Petrovaradin Media, Serbia

ENI-UA partner

  • Executive Committee of Uzhgorod City Council, Ukraine

Associated partners:

  • International Association for Media Education, Belgium
  • The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • The Finnish Society on Media Education, Finland
  • The City of Vienna/EU Funding Agency Ltd. (CoV/EUFA), Austria
  • Ministry for Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Croatian Journalists and Publicists (HNiP), Croatia
  • International business-informational academy (IPIA), Bosnia & Herzegovina
Kuvituskuva: risuaita -merkki.
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