The Finnish Society on Media Education

The Finnish Society on Media Education is a non-governmental organisation promoting media literacy and media education in Finland.


The Finnish Society on Media Education (FSME) promotes and developes media literacy education in Finland. Our main task is to raise awareness and spread information and best practices of media literacy. In addition, we organise events, publish material, implement development projects, contribute to the public debate and provide opportunities to share media education experiences online and offline nationwide.

Among those involved in the Society’s activities are teachers, child and youth workers, librarians, early childhood educators, representatives of media and culture, researchers and students of the field.

The network of the Society comprises organisations involved with child and youth work, associations and unions, cultural organisations, companies and private individuals from various vocational branches all over the country.

From an international perspective, the function of FSME is one of a kind: it operates in a multi-professional manner, combining research and practice with different branches of science. The working languages of the Society are Finnish and Swedish.

Media Literacy and Media Education field in Finland

There is a wide variety of actors in the media education field in Finland. Besides schools, media education has taken its place in youth work, library services and early childhood education. Non-governmental organisations play an exceptionally important role. In Finland, media education work is carried out wherever children and young people are: not only in schools but also in different virtual communities and game worlds. Various non-governmental organisations maintain an active cooperation through which media education is implemented directly in the field. These activities are chiefly project-based. The Ministry of Education and Culture provides funding for a significant part of Finnish media education projects.